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Welcome to the Crowdfunder page for our Thriller Feature Film, 3 DEGREES. 

We’re raising £40,000 to fund the making of 3 DEGREES and are excited to say we’re already in conversation with a UK distributor. As champions of the British cinema tradition, this is our priority.

Check out the final section for a variety of rewards such as a link to the film itself; the chance to attend our Dog Day Afternoon, so you can appear with your dog in 3 DEGREES… or even own a murdered character’s hat! 


3 DEGREES is Deva’s second feature film. BLUE, her first feature film has secured a sales agent/ distributor and has been released on Amazon Prime USA, UK and Canada. Charlie Wood an outstanding Jazz and Blues musician will be composing the main score as well as music for the five songs in 3 DEGREES. Jacqui Dankworth MBE, a celebrated Jazz singer will be playing Cindy, Raya’s mother, and performing these songs with her extraordinary voice.


RAYA (40s) has a fractured personality, which means she spends a lot of time with her two younger selves RAYA TWO (mid-20s) and RAYA THREE (18). Raya wishes she was like her mother who was a sensational jazz singer, but she can only sing off key. She mimes and dances with her fractured selves to the memory of her mother’s act. For a living, Raya helps people to declutter their lives and ironically she’s neglected to work on her own.

MR. PETERS, Raya’s primary school teacher, has been horrifically murdered and Raya commiserates with PAUL (40s), who was in her year at the school. Mr. Peters was a drinking buddy of JOHN (late 60’s), Raya’s long lost uncle, who she goes to see. The visit to John, triggers Raya’s fear of dogs, which means she cannot be around them. However, Raya is falling in love with JAI (40s) whose second love is his dog, BUSTER.

ANNE SMYTH (50s) a client of Raya’s sacks her and is later discovered in a park, murdered. Raya Two is happy to see the back of Mrs. Smyth and Raya is furious with her. Raya Two goes missing and Raya Three suggests she could be the murderer. Everyone who upsets Raya ends up being brutally murdered. Raya needs to find out who killed these people and why on earth she is so terrified of dogs? Finally Raya does discover who the actual murderer is and they are way too close for comfort.


In lockdown I made my first feature film BLUE, a supernatural drama, which now has a sales agent/ distributor and has been released on Amazon Prime USA, UK and Canada. Having worked out a new shooting model with BLUE and I’ll take these ideas further with my ambitious second feature film, 3 DEGREES.
3 DEGREES, psychological thriller, has been greatly influenced by Alan J. Pakula’s KLUTE, especially by the stalker theme; Michael Haneke’s lacerating thriller HIDDEN, that constantly keeps you guessing and Daniel Petrie’s TV Drama SYBIL starring Sally Field who gives a harrowing performance as the lead.
All of these films have intriguing characters who are vulnerable and take a psychological journey into the unknown. We’ll be inventive and creative with the three Rayas, while giving them the space to be vulnerable.
Nicola Harrison, the lead actress who plays Raya, and I began working together over twenty years ago. She excels at delivering character focused performances and we can see in these early days of shooting the 3 DEGREES teaser trailer she shines, playing the three Rayas.


Ticket Type:

Reward 1 - Behind scenes pics

Get yourself a behind the scenes picture of the cast and crew at work on 3 THREE DEGREES, sent to your email.

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £20.00
Reward 2 - Film link

A link to the finished film, so you can watch our creepy thriller at home.

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £20.00
Reward 3 - IMDB Credit

Get an IMDB Thank You credit.

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £50.00
Reward 4 - Own a key prop

Own a key 3 DEGREES prop - like Mr. Peters, a murder victim's, hat.

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £300.00
Reward 5 - Signed screenplay

A copy of the script, signed by the writer director and lead actress. Good bed time reading!

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £300.00
Reward 6 - Attend our Dog Day Afternoon

Have a fun Dog Day Afternoon on set and appear with your dog in 3 DEGREES.

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £300.00
Reward 7 - Be a creepy stalker

Get yourself cast as a creepy stalker in 3 DEGREES.

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £300.00
Reward 8 - Exec Producer

Exec Producer credit in 3 DEGREES plus 2 tickets to the UK/Premiere screening. We'll give you a call to discuss how best this can work.

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £5,000.00


4 week course

Attend Deva's short film writing course and pen your own thriller, or comedy etc. 4 x two hour online sessions. Max 5 people.

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £200.00
2 week course

Attend Deva's course to help you prep making your own feature film. 2 x two hour sessions. Max 5 people.

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £120.00

Attend 2 hours of 1 to 1 mentoring from Deva on your short film or feature project.

Ticket Qty:
Per Ticket Price: £200.00
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  • From: 10/03/2024 7:00 pm
    To: 10/03/2025 9:00 pm
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