New Features

Over time new features will be added to the website, this page lists all those currently planned.

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New features Completed

  • Copy Event

    Have another event similar to one already created? Use the Copy Event option to copy it to a new draft then edit the changes.

  • Multiple dates

    Does your event involve several non-consecutive dates? Enter each date in the event and have them displayed in a dropdown in the listing.

  • Personalised Email

    Send a personalised message to your buyers in the order emails

  • Event Schedule

    List the event schedule by hour or day informing attendees of the event itinerary

  • FAQ

    Show an accordion style FAQ section in the event page.

  • Referral Codes

    Refer people to the site and get 30 FREE credits for each new active user.

  • Set your Price

    Rather than a fixed price ticket, attendees decide how much they want to pay/donate when they place an order

  • Waitlist

    When your event is FULL a waiting list is enabled which users can signup to. When more tickets become available everyone on the waiting list will be emailed.

  • Voucher Codes

    Create Voucher discount codes directly in the dashboard

  • Pass on fee to buyer

    Don't like paying fees? Pass on the ticket fee to the buyer. You can specify the 'admin' fee to add to the ticket price.

  • Multi Currency

    Choose the currency for your events, useful for international customers.

  • Transfer Attendee

    Need to move an attendee from one event to another? You can do this from the dashboard.

  • Create and Save Locations

    You can now Create and add your venue locations to a dropdown list so you can reuse them in other events.

  • QR Code Check-in

    Scan a QR code to validate and check-in people

  • Email all Attendees

    Need to email all your attendees? You will be able to do this at the click of a button, write your message then press send. Snappy will then send the email to all buyers for the event.

New features Coming Up

  • Repeat Event

    Have an event that repeats every week or month? Simply enable the repeat, specify the frequency and you no longer have to worry about it. Customers can choose the date they want a ticket for from the event page.

  • Room Reservations

    Holding a retreat where people need to book rooms? You can display a retreat layout and guests can click on a room to reserve it, much like booking a cinema seat.

  • Seat Plan

    Is your event seated? Create a seat plan of the venue and set different prices for different seat types.

  • Deposits

    Enable deposits for higher priced events

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