When you sell a ticket on Snappy, ALL the ticket money (after card payment fees) goes straight to you. The way Snappy Tickets makes money is through a credit system which is explained below. You must PREBUY credits to use Snappy.

The fees we charge are much lower than other event organiser platforms. We use a pre-payment credit based system and charge 1 x credit for each ticket sold over £2. Any tickets £2 or under are free to sell.

You can buy credits at any time and the more you buy the cheaper they get, ranging from 33p-45p each. Visit the Add Credits page or click the credit icon at the top right if you are logged in.

Credits in your account are used to pay for tickets sold in ALL your events, so if you are left with a positive credit balance at the end of your event, they can be used for your next event.

You will receive 10 free credits when you sign up.

Credit Prices

1 – 99£0.45
100 –199£0.43
200 – 299£0.41
300 – 399£0.39
400 – 499£0.37
500 - 999£0.35

The more you buy the cheaper they get.

If your account goes into -ve credits then the cost of tickets increases to 2 credits.

To stop you burning up too many credits, your events will be put on-hold when you reach a threshold balance, currently set to -30.

Just buy the number of credits you need to get back into +ve credit to return to the standard rate.

If you have credits left over at the end of your event you can just leave them in your account as they will be used for any of your future events.


  • Sell 5 x FREE tickets:  FREE
  • Sell 6 x £10 entry + 20 x £2 cakes (via extra ticket option): costs 6 credits
  • Sell 6 x £200 retreat places:  costs 6 credits
  • Sell 100 x £25 workshop tickets + 15 x T-shirts@£15 (via extra ticket option):  costs 115 credits
  • Sell 100 x £2 entry tickets: FREE


When attendees buy tickets they have the option of paying by either BACS, Cheque or Credit card. Payment comes directly to you using the details from your profile.

Credit cards are accepted using the PayPal or Stripe platforms. These must be setup in your profile before payment can be received.

Note: If you use an external payment gateway such as Stripe or PayPal, then they will take their fee from the order total (eg Stripe is 1.5%+20p per order).

Compare our prices

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Prices correct as of April 2024 and assume UK rates


The following should answer some of your questions. If not feel free to email me HERE

Do I need a PayPal or Stripe account?

If you want buyers to be able to use debit/credit cards then you do need a PayPal or Stripe account. Otherwise you can just choose BACS or Cheque. In all cases the money comes directly to you. PayPal and Stripe make purchases quicker and easier for your buyers.

Can I pass on the admin fee to the buyer?

Yes you can setup an admin fee when creating your event, choose the fee to apply and the price at which it kicks in, eg 40p for tickets over £2.

Can orders be refunded?

Yes, for stripe and PayPal this needs to be done by logging into those accounts and issuing a refund there. For manual payments this needs to be done via your bank.

What do I do with excess credits?

If you have credits left after your event you can just leave them in your account as they will be used for ALL your future events.

What happens when I run out of credits?

When you go into negative credit you can still sell tickets, but the cost per ticket rises from 1 to 2 credits per ticket. Your access to your dashboard statistics also becomes restricted. When you reach -30 credits all your events are put on hold till you top back up into positive credit. 

It’s always a good idea to remain in positive credit.

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