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Hi ,

Thank you for signing up to Snappy Tickets, you are minutes away from creating your very first event.

As a thank you for signing up you have been given 10 free credits to be used with your events.

Credits are ‘spent’ when an attendee buys a ticket to your event of value greater than £2. Any tickets with a lower value costs nothing to sell.

You can see your current credit balance at the top right of the screen.

You can buy further credits by visiting the ‘Add Credit‘ page under the Dashboard menu, the more you buy the cheaper they are. You can also just click the credit icon.

User Profile

In order to provide the correct details to your attendees you need to fill out the fields in your user profile. The information you enter here will be used as default data for your event listings, such as contact email address, bank details for payment etc.

Add Event

To begin putting your first event listing together go to ‘Add Event‘ page. Help is built in to the add event pages, though most of it should be self-explanatory.

Your ‘Dashboard‘ lists all the events you have created with a summary of the tickets sold and links to view/edit the event and look at the orders and attendees. You can download the order and attendee information using these links.

Your ‘My Account‘ page shows information about your account such as email, address and billing info etc.

Good luck with all your events, I hope they all prove successful.

Jon Conway