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EarlyBird Tickets

The EarlyBird feature allows you to set a sale price on tickets for a specific time, after which the full price will apply. This is all done automatically for you without any admin.

A countdown is displayed on the event page telling buyers how much time is left to buy tickets at the discounted price. The EarlyBird messages for how much time is left and Expired are customisable in the event editor.

This is what an EarlyBird event banner and tickets look like:

Once the EarlyBird expires the prices go back to the full price:

The EarlyBird is set up in 2 places, first it needs to be enabled and configured in the Dates tab of the event editor. Tick the EarlyBird enable and fill in the details.

Select Date if you want to specify the date that the EarlyBird expires (start of day)
Select Text if you want to specify a description of how long before the event the EarlyBird expires, eg 1 day, 2 weeks, 1 month, 12 hours etc. This will calculate the endtime of the EarlyBird automatically .

Text: This is the date or Text to specify the endtime.

EarlyBird Message: This is the EarlyBird message that is displayed , the default if left blank is: EarlyBird ends Day Month Year

The other thing you need to do is set the EarlyBird price (Sale price) in the ticket section.

A DEMO can be found by clicking DEMO EarlyBird