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Waiting List

Ever had to run a round trying to fill spaces on your event at the last minute rather than concentrating on the event itself? Snappy now has an automated way to deal with last minute cancellations and bookings via a Waiting List.

By enabling the Waiting List, when your event sells people can register to be told when tickets are available again. They will receive a confirmation email to say they are on the waiting list which will include the following links:

  • A link to the event page so they can keep checking back
  • A link to remove themselves from the waiting list if they are no longer interested

Tickets can become available again if you increase the number of tickets available for the event, or someone needs to cancel and you release their ticket.

When this happens an email is automatically sent out to everyone on the waiting list informing them that a ticket is available. This email will include the same links as above.

As an event manager you can see, edit and download a list of people currently on the waiting list by clicking the View Waiting List for that event in your dashboard.

You can delete an entry by clicking the red trash can and you can edit the entry by clicking the blue attendee name, where en edit box will popup:

This is the registration form seen on your event page when your event is full:

To enable this feature all you need to do is tick the Enable Waitlist box on the Controls page and that’s it! Note that each successful registration costs 1 credit and each bulk email notification to the waitlist also costs 1 credit.

A DEMO can be found by clicking DEMO Waiting List