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Set your price tickets

With a ‘Set your Price’ feature,  buyers can pay what they can afford on a sliding scale.

To use this follow these steps in the event editor:

1. On the Tickets tab: Add a ticket, you can give it any name you like but something descriptive like Set Your Price
2. The Price sets the upper limit of the slider, the Sale Price sets the lower limit, here we’ve set £5-£20
3. Add SETYOURPRICE into the Exclude Reg box to tell the system this is a Set Your Price ticket

The ticket should look like this:

4. On the Registration tab: Finally you need to add a registration field for the Price. This can be called anything but the ID MUST be called price and give it a text box type.

5. To prevent the price field appearing in the other tickets, add price into the Exclude Reg field of those tickets.

A DEMO can be found by clicking DEMO – Set your Price