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Edit Attendees

If the buyer has given some incorrect registration data, eg a wrong email address, or changed their mind about a particular option, then you can change this information using the edit function.

This is available on the View Attendees page and is accessed by clicking the blue order number as shown below.

NOTE: This is not available for any transferred attendees.

The Order IDs are blue and clickable so the attendee data is editable.

Clicking on the blue Order ID link shown above will open up an edit box as shown here.

All the fields are freely editable as TEXT so be careful when changing the data.

The original fields may have been dropdown choices (eg Yes/No) but when changing the data here you are free to use any text you like.

Here we are changing ‘Sneezy’ to ‘Sneeezy Snuffly’. Once we are happy with the changes click OK to save the changes, or Cancel to quit.
Once the changes have been saved you will see them highlighted in green.