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Unlike other online ticketing sites, Snappy Tickets does not take payments on your behalf. Instead, when tickets or services are sold, money comes directly to you via your chosen payment gateways. These gateways must be setup before your event goes live otherwise buyers will not be able to pay for their tickets.

You have the option of choosing any or all of BACS, PayPal, Stripe, Fena and Cheques. Just tick the ones you want to use


BACS – You need to fill in the Bank Name, Sort Code, Account Number, AccountName (as it appears on your statements) and BACS Instructions (all which will be included in the email sent to the buyer).

Cheque – You need to fill in all the Address details so the buyer knows where to send the cheque to plus the Cheque Instructions (who to make it out to, reference number on the back etc).

Paypal – You need to provide your paypal email address. That is all that is required for PayPal Standard. If you are using the newer PayPal gateway (PayPal2) then you also need to supply your Merchant ID. Look HERE for details on how to find this.

Stripe – You need to provide your Stripe Publishable Key (starts with pk_live) and your Stripe Secret Key (starts with sk_live) which you can get from your Stripe account. Please see HERE and HERE for details on how to find them.

Fena – Not Used

When a buyer uses PayPal or Stripe to pay for tickets, the transaction will complete immediately after the payment has been confirmed by those services, and money will be transferred to your gateway account. The order will be marked as ‘complete’ and a completion email will be sent to the buyer. No further action is needed on your behalf.

When a buyer chooses to pay via BACS or Cheque, then there will be a delay between the buyer purchasing the ticket and them sending the money to you. During this time the order will be marked as ‘On Hold’ and an email is sent to the buyer telling them the order is received and on-hold until payment is received. The BACS or Cheque instructions will be included in this email. Once payment has been received you then have to manually change the order status from ‘On Hold’ to ‘Completed’. This will then send the buyer a confirmation email that the payment has been received and the order is now complete.