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Admin Fees

Don’t like admin fees? Want to pass on the fees to your buyers to cover the cost of the payment gateways or other services?

You can add an admin fee for both tickets and services and specify the threshold it kicks in at, eg an admin fee of £1 for all ticket s over £20.

By law, you can’t specify a gateway specific admin fee (eg for Paypal only), whatever fee you add must be added to all payment types.

Admin fees can be setup in the payments tab of the event editor:

Tick the Add Per TIcket Fee and fill in the boxes. In the above photo an admin fee of 50p will be added to all tickets £25 and over, plus 50p for all services £10 and over.

If you don’t want to set an admin fee for services them blank out both boxes. Fees will be displayed in the event so they are clear to the buyer:

A DEMO can be found by clicking DEMO Admin fees