Art Outside Nant-y-Bedd Gardens workshop with Catherine Jones

A tracery of trees

This paradise forest garden is waking from its winter slumbers – the trees are bursting into bud and leaf and the light is verdified, limes and apple greens, the yellowish tints and red glows of new life pulsating through leaves and stems. This is the time to capture the moment before summer deepens the green and hides some of the delicate tracery of outstretched branches and twigs.

Waken your senses, respond to the new life by using lots of different drawing techniques designed to free you and find new emotional artistic expression. Everything we do today will be completely non-judgmental, fun and experimental.


We will warm up by making ourselves 8 fold sketch books and fill them with lots of pencil drawings based on natural materials set out on the table. The workshop will lead you through different drawing with pencil techniques, using colour with watercolours and colour pencils and pens. Then we’ll make some oak gall ink, learn about some of its properties and you’ll be able to take a small amount home with you. We will go out and sketch some more, find trees that speak to each of us, and experiment back at the studio with the ink we’ve made. If there’s time, we may make some other colour paints/inks as well!

You’ll be able to develop your own style over the day, trying out the different materials, and gradually work bigger, first making some artists trading cards and postcards, bookmarks and then a final bigger piece. All materials will be provided.

Who is this workshop for?

Everyone! You can be a total beginner, someone who was told they couldn’t draw at school, you could be someone who has done lots of drawing and art making, whatever your experience the workshop will be equally suitable


£65.00 including all art materials

What should I bring?

Sensible shoes and outdoor wear for collecting materials, standing and drawing, perhaps a sit mat or mini stool if you want to sit to draw ‘au plein aire’ and an apron to stop you getting yourself too messy. Please bring a packed lunch– there are no shops or pubs nearby. Coffee, tea and home made cakes will be provided to help fuel your experiments!

Go away with:

Lots of art and sketches, even more ideas, a new found freedom of expression, and so much enthusiasm for the joy of non judgmental art making

Event Location:

Nant-y-Bedd Gardens, Fforest Coal Pit, Abergavenny, NP7 7LY, UK
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
Organiser info
Catherine Jones

  • Nant-y-Bedd Gardens
  • Fforest Coal Pit
  • Abergavenny
  • NP7 7LY
  • UK

Event Schedule Details

  • 21/05/2023
    10:00 am - 3:30 pm
  Price: £65.00
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