BABS Harmony College 45

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Event Description

BABS Harmony College is a choral education weekend devoted to helping attendees learn more about their voice, performing, the barbershop style and much more! You will have opportunities to learn from some amazing music educators, including our special guest educator from America, Tony Colosimo, as well as singing exciting music with many other attendees in large choruses. There are three different streams to choose from and you can find out details information at 

Please Note that Tickets purchased for Harmony College are Non-Refundable.

Please note that you must fill out the pre-enrolment form for Extreme Quartets. You can find that here.

Email Confirmation
After purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email from do not delete it! This email contains important information such as
  • A link to the Chorus/Breakout Selection form
  • A link to the Chorus Music
  • More information about the classes
  • A full timetable
  • The option to purchase this year’s merchandise
Pricing Information

*Full Board includes: Bed & Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Coffee/Tea. Dinner is not included on Thursday evening, but can be purchased on-site. Lunch is not included on Sunday.

**BABS Member definition: a member of BABS who pays annual subscriptions (i.e. does not include any member of a mixed chorus who has a free-of-charge BABS membership due to their membership with LABBS or SAI)

Room Sharing Information

If you upgrade your booking to the Jubilee Conference Centre Room Upgrade then you have the option to share this room with one other person. You can choose whether this room is a Twin or a Double.

In order to complete the sharing option you must create tickets for both people in the same order. Once their names are entered onto the tickets you can select their names in the dropdown box. After selecting the first sharer, the second ticket will be automatically linked. To unlink them just select the top option

Afterglow Tickets

We are opening the doors to the general public for the final night SHOW and afterglow party. Come and experience the fruits of all the hard work and coaching put in over the weekend. There will be quartets, choruses and a lot of laughs along the way. As if that’s not enough come and soak up the atmosphere at the aftershow party where you can drink beer at student prices, mingle amongst friends and sing a tag or two. Stay as late as you want, afterglows rarely have a closing time!

Admission is by donation at the door.

Event Location:

Jubilee Conference Centre, 7301 Wollaton Rd, Nottingham, NG8 1BB, UK
Organiser info
BABS Convention Manager

Events Team

Jon Conway (site owner)

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 Email Jon Conway (site owner)

  • Jubilee Conference Centre
  • 7301 Wollaton Rd
  • Nottingham
  • NG8 1BB
  • UK

Event Schedule Details

  • From: 25/08/2023 12:00 pm
    To: 27/08/2023 12:00 pm
  Price Starts from: Free
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BABS Harmony College 45

Number of attendees: 155

Trevor P****ePaul D****aCaecilia H*******g
Chantel K**************sJon H*****dCat R***y
Ali J**kAlistair W**lDavid M****s
Mike C*****srobert a****sLaura H******e
Laura H******eGeoffrey W********eCatherine P********n
James W******kgeoff u***nJohn R*******h
Roger T****sIan S******sLawrence S****e
Daniel J***sOllie W**lKevan L******g
Alex S*******yMichael G*****nSean M****n
Isaac G***sLiz C****rWill B**h
Dominic S*****yMatt F****dMatthew W***s
Tom B***eDAVID M****SChris L********y
Dawn S*****aBohdan S*****aBernard H******y
Aurelie G*****rHugh P****rAlan K**n
Lawrence S***hLeslie J****nMichael H*********n
Tim B****sBarry c*****nLaurence H****n
Bernard F*****lDave B****tRick T****r
Phil W***eZac B****sJack B*****s
Kate C******nSimon D***eMartin D******e
Nick A****sNick A****sAlex B****n
Steve M****sJacquline M****sTim B*******e
Simon L*******iNicholas W*****nJames G*********h
Michael DuRod B*****rAlex d******n
Boo d******nLiamBuswellSeb M******l
Sam H*****dOliver G*****lSean B*i
Anthony C******oSteve L*eSteve L*e
Chloe C**eDylan G********aNicholas J*********e
Sally C*******tRoger C********ePresley S*******a
Caroline C******dCaroline C******dLaura J***s
Bethany S***hJackie P****rJackie P****r
Ray C***kRay C***kAlistair L*****n
Bethany S********hRiley H***nChris N*******n
Char N*******nSaraRachel O*****d
Brendan K****nMatthew C*******eFred T*****l
Howard J***sHoward J***sJulia K**g
Julia K**gSamantha M***sMariane L*****y
Johnny R******nGarry K****wHector J********u
Daniella B*lRuth H**eGerard O*****e
Gerard O*****eDenis D*******eJohn L***h
Liz B***sJo S*******nNigel S***h
Cherry S***hTom G*****nSarah S****************e
Bill L***oEli G*****nAlison C****h
Sarah '*************eIan B******yJohn Y**p
Ralph B******yLouise J*****nColin R***r
Brian B****nBrian B****nPeter L******t
Joe N****nAnna C***********eRoger C***k
Pippa G*****lDavid P***dJill B****s
Jenni S**eJames B***eKevin B****s
John B*****yTim H***sTim H***s
Peter L****rPeter L****rColleen P****r
Carolyn L***sDavid W******sSusie H**d
Noey M*****eFi T****h
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