Coed Ffest 2024

EarlyBird has expired

Come and celebrate the Summer Solstice at Coed Rural Art Space!

Arrivals from 3pm, Friday 21st June. Leaving by no later than mid day Monday 24th June.

Coed Ffest 2024 is a unique mini festival, a camp style gathering in the beautiful location of Coed Hills, South Wales.

Running on the back of our incredible premiere in June 2023, we  are excited for 2024. The line-up is pretty much confirmed.

We are bringing back a number of our regulars plus some stunning newbies to Coed Ffest. Check it all out on our Instagram, Facebook and Website; from awesome music acts, poetry readings, performance, permaculture walks and talks, healing workshops, and amazing food, this festival aims to fuse the worlds of land based living skills with arts and culture.

FOR THOSE WHO CAME 2023: Thanks so much for all your support so far, especially your feedback, which we are applying and amending so that 2024 can take your dear selves on an even more magical, and smooth rolling ride than our premiere!



We welcome you!

Coed Ffest is supported by the Coed Community who live on site, and the land so lovingly tended over the past 20+ years since the community’s inception. Set in over 180 acres of beautiful woodland and rolling meadows for you to explore, with expansive community gardens, a forest garden and orchards. Coed is the perfect place to experience how small intimate gatherings can be deeply nurturing, healing experiences, regenerative and low impact, and a lot of fun!

In addition, this festival is supported and supports Ediculture; a registered charity and educational trust dedicated to supporting food culture both locally and globally.

We can’t wait to meet you all!

Please find out more at

The Coed Ffest Team x

Event Location:

Coed Hills Rural Art Space, Coed Hills Rural Art Space, St Hilary, Vale of Glamorgan, CF717DP, United Kingdom
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event FAQs

Please read the FAQs on the Coed ffest website -

Organiser info
Stephen Watts

mathu Bloom

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 Email mathu Bloom

  • Coed Hills Rural Art Space
  • Coed Hills Rural Art Space
  • St Hilary
  • Vale of Glamorgan
  • CF717DP
  • United Kingdom

Event Schedule Details

  • From: 21/06/2024 3:00 pm
    To: 24/06/2024 1:00 am
  Price Starts from: £15.00
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Coed Ffest 2024

Number of attendees: 566

Arian a*****yDebJulia
Sarah W****nCadi G****eAli A***s
Dean M**********sArian a*****yKitty s*****n
Kitty s*****nJames F***tDan B*****w
Ella B**********nFreya B**********nDylan A**y
EllyPatrick C******nNia C******n
Ffion C******nJack B******yOssian B*************y
Jack B******yHannah B******gJudge S***h
Netti b**dMat B*****rNetti
MatLavinia S***hMichelle C**y
Saul M*****dSaul M*****dHUgh R***y
RebeccaJiivan G****lJordan l***a
KurtDafydd S**rMax T*****t
Clarice H**tMax T*****tClarice H**t
Matt P****rFranziska D*******aKodjo F*********h
Faye S***hPaul W***hPaul W***h
Paul W***hEwanMary S******d
Mary S******dstephen w***sStephen
Tnisha T****aWilf H*****gGabriel H*****g
Sophia H*****gWilf H*****gGabriel H*****g
Sophia H*****gSimon B*****sAdam
NatashaHarryDawn C***o
Joanne G*****rFrancescaKostas
AdrianoStephen R*****sStephen R*****s
Peter R*****sEmma R*****sVyvyan R*****s
Bodhi R*****sTamara c******rTamara c******r
Rhiannon W******sLesley B********rTheo C*******d
Rhiannon W******sLesley B********rTheo C*******d
HaileDenise R**eDenise R**e
FredWillow A*****dfred a*****d
Alistair B***nSam B***nLauren B***n
Lauren B***nLughCharly
Caroline H****sJasper c********yOstyn c********y
Lola A****sElder j*****nTnisha j*****n
Jasper c********yOstyn c********yLola a****s
Elder j*****nLisa R***nAlexandra R**e
Silas A*****nRob S***oElla S***o
Ella S***oAmy o****dKara p******t
Lynette T****rJade k*****gAllie R****l
Emily R*****sEmily R*****sEmily R*****s
James S******sSara T******pJohannes
IantoZakLynne &**********d
LynneHowardLeonie R*****t
Sandra L****lLeonie R*****tSandra L****l
Leonie R*****tSandra L****lHeather p***l
Carla L****nPaul S****tRebecca
Samantha H***sSamantha H***ssamantha H***s
Gillian C**yBill C**yMolly
Hannah C****sTommy M****nLouis M****n
Aeron M****nKai m*****yWill m*****y
Chloe m*****yCk08plvKai m*****y
Will m*****yChloe m*****yJessa M*******t
Jessa M*******tLeannaLeanna
Gabriel H*****gSophia H*****gWilfred H*****g
Sarah h*****sColette L****eZak
Iona M******nIona M******nAdam G****s
Mary S*****sOliver B*******tStella B*******t
Mary S*****sOliver B*******tStella B*******t
Marianne L*******dSteve C*****rUzma K*****a
Carol A******nHelen B****rRobin B******n
Robin B******nKate A*****dKate A*****d
Bea L******sChris L******sTess L******s
Ivy L******sBea L******sChris L******s
Tess L******sIvy L******sElaine M******s
Stuart L***sElaine M******sStuart L***s
Ellen P***eWilliam T******nEmma M********g
Christopher M********gRita J*********eANDREW F*****s
Andrew F*****sRita J*********eAndrew F*****s
Andrew F*****sRita J*********eBryan M****n
Kevin S***hKevin S***hMartin B****y
Angelika M*********rAngelika M*********rMartin B****y
Mike E*****eCam E*******hEmma P******n
Emma P******nTamara m******lTamara m******l
Kerry M**********sSienna S*********************sLynsey M***r
Bernadett F****eJohn G**yAlice S***h
Jens S*******rLisa C*****sNina S*****t
Jens S*******rLisa C*****sJens S*******r
Lisa C*****sAndy B***yEmily R*******n
Adam L**dEmily R*******nEmily R*******n
Melanie H****ySheena C******eElizabeth P****n
Ruth L******eRachael H********nRachael H********n
Steve G*****tMaggie M****yNaomi S****r
Naomi S****rNaomi S****rFelicity
Felicity m******nRiver -***eAvalon H****g
Avalon H****gAlexanderAlexander
AlexanderMenai J***sKirsty l**f
Natalia G********rLaura Z**hNatalia g********r
Jack R********nWill A*******gAriane A*******g
Inès A*******gThomas J**********yThomas
ThomasKristina G******uOcean
Kristina G******uMaria I*******************sNia L***s
Nia L***sLasian F*nMaja K*******z
Molly P*****lRosie p********nRosie
Pamela M*****dSimon P**eDonna G***t
Simon P**eDonna G***tLagertha P**e
Simon P**eDonna G***tJacquie L*e
JacquieTyler M****sTyler M****s
Tyler m****sTess G**yPhi Y******k
Anushiye Y*****lHepzibah B*************lDouglas P***p
Natalie W***eDouglas P***pNatalie W***e
Peter H**kPeter H**kSue T*****w
Eddie T*****wSue T*****wEddie T*****w
Sue T*****wEddie T*****wYasmin
AdamMatt P****rAnita
SybilNidalCaren H*****d
Christopher S****yAmanda B******lChristopher S****y
Christopher S****yAmanda B******lKirsty M*******e
Mark L**dMark L**dAndrew B*******d
Tracey W***sheather p***lAndrea H****e
Nathan T****eNell H****eAndrea H****e
Nathan T****eColette L****eBex H****r
Bex H****rJade B*****nNela K********a
Peter H*****dDebi H*****dColette
Lisa B****EIsabel J***sGeena W**e
Majella O******yMajella O******yAdam H****s
Tanya f***hTanya f***hTanya f***h
Adam M****nLiz I*****eAlan M****y
Katie m****lMartine W****rSuzi S******d
Suzi S******dSara S*********aJon k*****m
Holly K*****mKait D**nRohan N***e
Selena K**gMaggie G****nkirsty m*******e
Hannah M*********yKaren P******dEmma S***t
MalikaLeanne W******sMartin j***s
Vanessa H**********sVanessa T****sClare
Dylan A******nMarelie M*yAndrew S***h
Robert M*******hEthan M*******hTessa H**l
Tessa H**lEmma S******rEmma S******r
Solstice W***********rSolstice W***********rRohan N***e
Selena K**gKait D**nJon K*****m
Holly K*****mJon K*****mJon K*****m
Holly K*****mMartine w****rAnita E***s
Sybil E***sAnita E***sSybil E***s
Holly N****lHolly N****lSara M********n
Sara M********nKate M********nSara M********n
Kate M********nEllen P***eAlan M****y
Jo P*****nAlan M****yAlan M****y
Jo P*****nLeahJade
Pamela M*****dCaroline H****sZak G*****e
Mary G*****eZak G*****eMary G*****e
Nia G*****eJenny T****sAdam M****n
Elizabeth I*****eLeafy M***********hAdam M****n
Adam M****nElizabeth I*****eLeafy M***********h
Carol D*******nCarol D*******nCarol D*******n
Sara S*********aSara S*********aTruus J****n
Kait D**nJoya N******eRobert C****r
Joya N******eRobert C****rMartine w****r
Leanne W******sMartin j***sLeanne W******s
Leanne W******sMartin j***sFelix j***s
Karen P******dKaren P******dViolet K**r
Violet K**rRhiannonMatt P****r
Rupert D*****eMatt P****rAndrew B*******d
Tracey W***sAndrew B*******dTracey W***s
River R****nOcean R****nScott m******r
Michael m******rscott m******rMichael m******r
JadeColette C*****nLisa B****e
Colette C*****nLisa B****eTruus J****n
Gill A**sJack C*****eGill a**s
Jack C*****eNatalie C***aElaine M******s
Stuart L***sStuart L***sLeanna
Emma S***tEmma S***tLianne M****n
Lianne M****nLianne M****nLianne M****n
LianneLianne M****nTommy M****n
TommyWilliam T******nWilliam T******n
Beatriz F*******sBeatriz F*******sCaroline n*****g
Bex H****rHannah Y***sHannah Y***s
Alan G*****gLaure B******sLaure B******s
Alan G*****gMaggie G****nMaggie G****n
Peter H*****dDebi H*****dPeter H*****d
Peter H*****dDebi H*****dCarla L****n
Rose R****nRiver R****nOcean R****n
Rose R****nMatt A*****sMatt A*****s
Rachel K******hThea H****sRachel K****************m
Rachel K******hRachel K******hJenny O***s
Jenny O***sSteve C*****rMarianne L*******d
Peter H**kSally H****sSally H****s
Cam E*******hMike E*****eViolet
Kiyah K***************sVioletkirsty m*******e
kirsty m*******eMaddy R*****yJulie r****r
Sharon l***sSharon L***sMichael W******s
Michael W******sAndreaNathan T****e
Nell H****eAndrea H****ePamela M*****d
Martine W****rJill B***dSuzi S******d
Molly P*****lMajella O******yRuth H*****d
Hannah C****sMaja K*******zLasian F*n
Jacquie L*eAmber T***************sAmber T***************s
Amber T***************sCarolineKatie m****l
Rohan N***eSelena K**gJenny T****s
Dafydd S**rHannah M*********yJules W****n
Jules W****nNatalie C***a
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