Filton Concert Brass and Lions Brass 4 Youth in concert

Join us for an evening of fabulous brass band music performed by Filton Concert Brass (Bristol’s championship Brass Band) and Lions Brass 4 Youth Youth Band. Be prepared for an evening with a delightful mix of repertoire showing the true versatility of brass instruments, and perhaps a bit of audience participation all for good measure! One not to miss, get your tickets now!

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Christ Church Nailsea, Christchurch Close, Nailsea, North Somerset, BS48 1RT, England


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Deborah Underwood

  • Christ Church Nailsea
  • Christchurch Close
  • Nailsea
  • North Somerset
  • BS48 1RT
  • England

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Event Schedule Details

  • 26/04/2024
    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
  Price Starts from: Free
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Filton Concert Brass and Lions Brass 4 Youth in concert

Number of attendees: 52

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