Frenchay Foxes fees Term 5

Fees for Term 5: 17th April to 22nd May.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
Organiser info
Fran Bolton

  • Frenchay Village Hall
  • Beckspool Road, Frenchay
  • Bristol
  • --Select--
  • BS16 1NU
  • United Kingdom

Event Schedule Details

  • From: 17/04/2024 1:15 pm
    To: 22/05/2024 3:15 pm
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Frenchay Foxes fees Term 5

Number of attendees: 43

Susan j***sChrissy S******kJo W****t
Deborah B****yBeryl H**lHeather H*****s
Chris E*****sElizabeth W**dSally S***n
Helen B****pPam C****eGill S*****r
Mary M****nSarah B*****mSarah B*****m
Carole M****nPam H***lJennifer H**l
Jenny R**dAnne G****eVictoria F*****o
Pat B*****nKathleen P***rYvonne T****s
Elizabeth B**tChristine H**lMaureen O****l
Lin K*******iPenny F***tMinty m****y
ElaineTerry P****sMS L*************R
Peggy W******tMargaret B****rCathie F***n
Ceinwen W*****nJan C*******rLinda T****s
Gillian L******nAngela G*******dShirley A*******m
Sheridan K**n
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