Open Voices Winter Warmer Concert

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Join us for seasonal songs at our Winter Warmer gathering in St Michael’s Church on The Open University campus in Milton Keynes.

Tickets are free.

There will be a charity collection.

Venue details:

Closest parking is by the Church, opposite Michael Young building and by the OU Library.

Closest toilets are in the Hub cafe which is a 5 min walk from the church.

Event Location:

St Michaels Church, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK7 6AA, UK
Organiser info
Victoria Stead

  • St Michael's Church
  • Walton Hall
  • Milton Keynes
  • Buckinghamshire
  • MK7 6AA
  • UK

Event Schedule Details

  • 12/12/2023
    1:05 pm - 1:55 pm
  Price: Free
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Open Voices Winter Warmer Concert

Number of attendees: 40

Garry H*****dKathy M*******dMichael H******y
JessEmma S****tKim W***e
Fay G*******rHannah F*********wJanice F****s
Jacqueline R****eJacqueline R****eIan
filip.healy@gmail.comNatasha M****rNatasha M****r
Donya H****nRachel b****rEmily H**l
LyndseyNicola M*****yKerrie
Vicky B****sHelen E***sRoger P******D
Maria F********************************]Alicia G*********************************]Sam
Barbara R******zDuncan G**yJill
Geri A******nJoy D*****nChris M*****l
Donna B*******dMrs N**********sJohn P****t
Jean P**kSteve P**kCarl C****y
Paul F*****s
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