Phoenix Choir Spring Concert 2024

Tickets now available on door
This Spring Concert is to once again celebrate and raise funds for the wonderful work of MindSong and we look forward to hearing more about their work by speakers at the concert.
There will be some folk songs from Indonesia and Japan and the Tsunami Requiem, which was written in response to the Indonesian Tsunami of 2004 and we also remember the Japanese Tsunami of 2011. The work includes our wonderful Children’s Choir and we all come together for the hymn ‘Eternal Father’ supported by a brass band and timpani. There will also be a newly commissioned piece for all choirs composed by Thol Mason.
The Red Cross does amazing work in countries with their recovery in such events and they will also receive donations from the bake sale.
Tickets for adults are £5.50 and tickets for children under 12 years are £1.00.
Children under two, sitting on laps, are FREE
The Phoenix Choir is a non-audition, community-based, inspiring group of singers who share a love of creating beautiful music to share with our audiences.
We raise money throughout the year for various charities and we are delighted to welcome our young singers from
The Lantern Home Education, and ‘Young Voices’ from Whiteshill Stroud.
Pianist: Bartholomew Mason
Pianist: Christian Lillicrap
Brass Band plus Timpani: Ian Evans and Percussion: Philip Braiden
Conductor  Caroline Thompson.

Event Location:

St Laurence Church, The Shambles, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 1JL, UK
Organiser info
Caroline Thompson

  • St Laurence Church
  • The Shambles
  • Stroud
  • Gloucestershire
  • GL5 1JL
  • UK

Event Schedule Details

  • 24/03/2024
    4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
  Price Starts from: £1.00
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Phoenix Choir Spring Concert 2024

Number of attendees: 152

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