Street Choirs Festival 2024

Street Choirs Festival is an annual event in which choirs from across the UK and beyond meet and sing together in support of peace, human rights and climate and social justice.  This year’s festival will take place on 7th – 9th June 2024 and will be based at The Octagon Centre at the University of Sheffield.  Registration opens at 16:00 on Friday 7th June.  The festival begins with the massed sing rehearsal followed by a concert featuring Sheffield-based award-winning folk trio The Young ‘Uns supported by the Sparkle Sistaz.  Saturday’s events include street-singing, massed sing then two choir concerts.  A wide range of workshops will take place on Sunday morning followed by a farewell picnic.

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Octagon Centre, Clarkson Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2TQ, UK


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Organiser info
Street Choirs Festival Committee

  • Octagon Centre
  • Clarkson Street
  • Sheffield
  • South Yorkshire
  • S10 2TQ
  • UK

All times are London timezone

Event Schedule Details

  • From: 07/06/2024 4:00 pm
    To: 09/06/2024 2:00 pm
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