The Island Folk Winter Concert with All at Sea ceilidh collective

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The Island Folk choir are celebrating their 15th winter with a concert and ceilidh for all. Come and join us in song and dance as we folk out the old year. Doors open at 4pm.

The Island Folk are Bristol’s longest running community folk choir, singing traditional songs – about nature, land and the seasons; protest songs, lovers’ laments, shanties; songs of hope, despair, grief and joy.

Being open to all voices, they are proof that with encouraging and supportive guidance, everyone can sing and experience joyful connection through the raising of voices in epically delighting harmony. 

They have been headed for 15 years by Sorrel Wilde, sometimes folk singer, voice coach and story song enthusiast. She believes that all humans are capable of mastery of musicianship and should be afforded the opportunity to develop a musical practice which travels their life with them, enriching every corner. 

Humming along and foot stamping to songs you know and songs you don’t are raucously encouraged by this bardic group.

All at Sea Ceilidh Collective emerged from the Island Folk Choir to play family-friendly ceilidh music in 2018.

We’ve developed into a flexible group of enthusiastic musicians – sometimes a seven or eight piece band working with dynamic guest callers.
We provide rip-roaring rhythms, soaring celtic melodies with a laid back vibe – dancing guaranteed!

Alcoholic and soft drinks will be available to purchase. All profits from the refreshments will go to ‘Médecins sans frontières/Doctors without borders’. We would love it if anyone attending would be up for baking a cake to donate, to raise funds for the above charity.

Event Location:

Elmgrove centre, Elmgrove Road, Bristol, BS6 6AH, UK
Organiser info
Sorrel Wilde


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  • Elmgrove centre
  • Elmgrove Road
  • Bristol
  • BS6 6AH
  • UK

Event Schedule Details

  • 16/12/2023
    4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  Price Starts from: Free
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The Island Folk Winter Concert with All at Sea ceilidh collective

Number of attendees: 216

JossRonit M*****aLaylah M************r
Tig T*************sNiamh M*******nSarah W***e
Matt S******sStella S******sKathryn s***h
Kathryn s***hRachel C*******lBetony C*******l
Leo G****rPearlKate
SimonBernice W***sEthan J*****n
Jon G*****nClaire F*****oAidan
MayGill O******eHana I*****a
Leah G******gInnaHana I*****a
Jessica H********sGabrielKate F******r
Mark W****tLily F******rMaisie B***t
Florence H***rTom J****hKate h***y
Ligia F****wSaraGrace
AmityGrace F***nWill D***s
Harry D******nHarry D******nChris H***y
Lara B*****nBen B****sZelda R***n
Edwyn H*******kAimee M***eHelen
Fleur H*****yChloe W***sTom W***e
{No info}{No info}Tijani B****S
Victor B****SJoJames
AKaren N*****sSandy L***y
Yasmin D*xDada S*****gEm H****l
Mhairi D**kLucie M****nRichard S**w
Justine w*****rDaniel m*****tNuala w*****r
Emmy B*******nWill B*******nKate F*x
Kate F*xmaddyLibby
carolineEtain O***ALiam t****s
Alex m***nTorrinTamarind F**k
Sarah C*****ySacha G*****nkatie r***n
LizRichard l******eBeth A***e
Sarah H**eMike H**eOllie H**e
Noah H**eElisabethCharlotte
Nick B****nKate W******sKaty
Sarah-Jane C****yLuke C****yElizabeth G*****m
Katherine S****yChloeStéphanie O***l
Satyalila J*******nPrajnamati S************dRuth E****n
Rhiannon R*****hChris C**mHarriet
Sandy L***yYasmin D*xValentina C*******i
Tom B*****tEliTim P*****s
Jan P*****sViviane R**eMartha R**e
Viviane R**eEm W******sFelix W******s
emRosie B******dFinn M****y
Elias B*************yUrsa B*************yAlex L*****g
GarvanAlice H***nNancy S**l
JustineDaniel M*****tJacob S******r
Tessa H*****hLyraHolly M******m
Ed H***yDave W**eIsy s****z
Andy K**xEmily s***eD S***e
N S***eA S***eBenny
Joe D*****tAlex R***rEuan H*****y
Toby B*******nTara S************nJess W****s
Sam h**eLouisa H**eElla h**e
Sophie H**eRachel J***aTom M*****f
Luke M*****fRosie B**lRenna M*****f
Nick M****sHannah C****rLily B**n
Harry S****rOshan S****rP M**************r
E W********nKiri w***sJuniper w***s
Imogen C***eAriadneAnna L************r
Hana S****hAnna L************rOliver B*******t
Stella B*******tRahimaAyesha
Annwen J***sBecs G*******sDrew R**e
Luca R**eJack W*******nKieran
Vicky G*******eTim G*******eDylan E****l
Mackenzie s****nAda s****nTorben s****n
Tracy C******rKateJulie
Clare H****nJohn I**sSteph C*******y
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