Unicorn Voice Camp 2024

Our camps are held in wildflower meadows near Bradford on Avon. They are vibrant, fun and peaceful events where children, teenagers and adults can find friendship, creativity, personal growth and community. We camp in circles around campfires in a quiet acoustic environment. At the hub of the camp is a village green with a cafe, shop, information tent and a children’s play and creativity area. There are hot showers and compost toilets.

We have a full programme of wonderful events and workshops throughout each day led by experienced and inspiring teachers and facilitators and events to enjoy every evening. Children and teenagers have their own dedicated teams providing a daily programme of activities and workshops. Activities, workshops and events are held in large marquees, carpeted yurts and colourful big tops as well as outdoors in the fields and woods.


31+  £320
19-30  £200
12-18  £100
5-11  £55
0-4  free

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Event Location:

Rowley Copse, Rowley Lane, Westwood, Bradford on Avon, BA15 2AF, UK


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Event FAQs

Where can I find further information

Please visit the Unicorn Camps website for further information

Organiser info
Nickomo Clarke
nickomo@btinternet.com, jennylynthomas@gmail.com

  • Rowley Copse
  • Rowley Lane
  • Westwood
  • Bradford on Avon
  • BA15 2AF
  • UK

Event Schedule Details

  • From: 03/08/2024 10:00 am
    To: 11/08/2024 10:00 am
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Unicorn Voice Camp 2024

Number of attendees: 223

Steve b*****lSamantha T**************************************mroxane s*******************n
Jessica H****yJacob R*****aMartina S*****z
Rosie S******************aNick P***sDee J**************************r
Joy P****rAnna l*******************eAnna L**g
Sasha M**nMaggie M***sLia C***e
Rubin C***eDamaris J****************************aRichard S***t
Jessie m****yStuart C*****tJamie R*****k
Bettina H****tBen R*****kAnna P*****a
sky c*****nRichard L******dJules G**b
Carole H****yBarbara M****nNyima T******y
Pam G**lDARIA R******************************************nAnna M****r
Caroline J****rRasullah C********************************nIsaac C*x
Joanna H***************************yCHERYL D*****SHELENA P***Y
Helen E************************************tMartina C*********iLemi L*****l
Fiona M***********nSamantha W***eMartin B******e
Mandy R*****kDavid W****nMichelle T*****************************y
Eve G*****nRuth W***ePete L*****t
Pete L*********************gJane S***nKaty B*************************************)
Fiona F**************************************lJulie G**yAmy B*************************n
Lewis r*****wJulie J****nJamie W**********************************d
Viv A*****dMisha L********************************uRowena W*********************g
Wren O***rRose O***rHazel O***r
Tom O***rLauraSally L*************************i
Chris P*****kJake F********************************************************rKate H***y
Morgan B************************************rJudith S**********************zSophia E************************n
Ryan O*******nHelen J*****nEmily F****r
Sheila M************************hTommy M****stembre d***********************************a
Susie P*******************nPeter F***********************hLeah F*****y
Leonora F****rAli O************************nLeah
Molara A**nJon C****yHelen
Briony G********************************************lAlison W****************eDora F*****r
Tarisha S**********************sBruce K******************************************************tMiriam M**********************n
Julie P*********aWilliam D**yEmily H**l
Anna M****rJonathan W***********************************************************dTina M**************************************************r
Sayaka H***rGerd H***rLiz W******y
Anna U*****eDotty M****r
Silvan M****rOrin M****rDavid T****s
Julia r*****sMichaelaElla
IdrisWrenJuma E********y
Sulaymane E*********yJulie E***nmargaret j*****n
Maeve C*******nElla S****sEric B***h
Julia T*****dCatherine F****sPaula M*****************************s
FreyjaBrodyClare P*******s
Leilani v*******nAnnieSteve
Martin D*******hPamela R*****seleanor g****n
Clare R*****lTheadora R************tClare T*******************n
Caroleena E*********eLinda Y***gKate G****m
Peter H**********mJules G**bLeo S********y
Maia S********yMartin G**lHannah S********y
Sally I****tAlfie I****tAli R***e
Jen P*****xMark M*****iElspeth M****************************************i
Raoul W******nClaudia W******nMarie W******n
Jenn A****************************************aAlizon M****yMs N***********i
rupert g****eLulu G****eJoseph G****e
Caroline R****nted B****rgudrun B****r
Gwyneth X**********sRuana X********tBramble X********t
John C********eBarbara H******tMorgan d**************h
franceska h****sJenna B******eJacqui K**e
Gabriel K**e(Grace) Q**nCatherine E***********s
Jack A****nJulia R************nJoanna R*****************n
emma s****yLauren H*mMac H*m
Jane A****dTrevor C******ySita G********m
Luci B****yNed S*****nGaby H*****y
Ellie S*******dLeo S*******dJohn P****n
Sam T*****rSuzi S******sAnnie C********m
Dario T******iAnn A***nSu L***s
Victoria S***dMillie S***dPierre K****r
Madlona T****eNeele K****rKurt K****r
Lionel C***kMadeleinewill w********e
Rowan B************nJenny T****sMary T*******d
Orlando Z**************oRose V****yCelia H**t
Tamsin M******lIris M******lAli M***s
Jane B**lJulie L****nJan H***e
Maddie M******nMary-Jane W*****sMichael A****n
Nickomo C****e
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